About Me!

My name is Brid and Dream In Harmony, LLC is my precious baby! I like to say that I’m a lawyer by day (graduated law school in May 2022, whoop whoop!), and a crystal enthusiast by night.
Spiritual health is something that has been important to me since childhood, and I believe crystals are a direct physical manifestation of some of the spiritual guidance that we need. Many people grew up feeling uncomfortable or unsure of their relationship with different religions and their spirituality. Dream In Harmony is a safe space for any and everyone to explore their spirituality and beliefs. This applies to any beginners who are just embarking on their spiritual journey and also to people that have been flowing through their spiritual practices for years.
I originally created this site to offer tarot readings, something that I absolutely love providing. However, I thought this would be a great place to also demonstrate my love and knowledge of healing crystals. The site also presented me with a space to sell spiritual/7 day candles (that I personally prepare with natural herbs & oils), incense, sage bundles, and spiritual cologne water as well. All of my items offered on this site are ethically sourced, and provided with love and intention.
Thank you for your support and welcome to Dream In Harmony!